Not bad

Barcode Reader is just what it says it is. Utilizing the iPhone's camera, it allows you to scan barcodes, and theoretically check for product prices online.

This is a really easy app to use. Simply open Barcode Reader, hit Scan Barcode, then point your iPhone at a barcode. After a second or too, it will have read and be searching for the code. Barcode Reader seems good at recognizing barcodes even in dim lighting, and even with a relatively unsteady hand which is impressive.

The product search is less impressive. Barcode Reader claims to search Ebay, Amazon and Google in its product search. That may be true, but the ratio of results to no results is really poor, meaning its too hit and miss using Barcode Reader. Despite these shortcomings, this is a promising app, that with more development could be a real help when shopping in the real world!

Barcode Reader scans remarkably well, so it's a shame so many products don't show up in its search results.

Tap precision focusing Fast barcode scan


  • Tap precision focusing Fast barcode scan

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Barcode Reader


Barcode Reader 1.3.2

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